Making is more than a process - it is a conversation. It is to sit down at the bargaining table with your materials and barter. Give a little here, take a little there. Translusion is the second project of my 5th year thesis studio, a trilogy of design investigations which seeks to explore the relationship between the designer and the designed object. It is a Mao Jacket fabricated solely from two materials - clear PVC tubing (over 375 ft) and glass pipes (over 150 ct) - which entwine themselves into a network of arteries and termini. Catalyzed by a handheld reservoir of dry ice, the jacket feels at its environment through wispy clouds of carbon dioxide.

"Recipient of MatFab Award at USC EXPO 2016"

with special thanks and help from:
Lee Olvera - Mentor/Profesor

Joshua Cavallo -Photography
Jake Cavallo -
Savannah Maske
- Model
her Yu - Model