Rohhlver 1

View the Trailer for Rohhlver 1 in the video above.

Inspired by science fiction classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Asimov's Foundation, Wall-E, and the real-life legacies of humanity's interplanetary missions to Mars, Rohhlver 1 draws upon the solitude of games like Playdead's Inside and the physics-based gameplay of titles like Katamari Damacy to confront players with the challenges of solitude, physical mobility, and mortality.

Centuries in the future, Rohhlver 1 is sent on a solitary mission to Mars in order to investigate the status of terraforming attempts on the Red Planet. Unkown generations later, Rohhlver 1 reawakens in the ruins of a botched Martian landing. The atmosphere feels strangely thick. Unfamiliar sounds rustle in the echoes of this nestled valley.


A glowing light awakens. The mission begins!

Rohhlver 1 began production as a student project for Eric de Broche des Combes' course "Immersive Landscape" at Harvard's Graduate School of Design in 2017.

A special Thank You to:
Heal, who composed the wonderful and atmospheric music of Mars.