Vagabonds! Feel your way to new places, and play the city like a true explorer!


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Beraldo the Globular Shepard is looking for his herd and he needs your help getting them back!
They could have drifted to any part of the city by now...

Journey to new places!

To get Berry's herd back, you'll have to adventure throughout the city - time to go outside! Walk, bike, or drive your way through the world. Find new places. Blaze new trails. Leave no path untraveled. If you're up for it, that is!



Be Bold!

The herd's a courageous bunch. You're just as likely to find yourself wandering across a bridge as you are through a vacant parking lot on your quest to find them. Are you daring enough? Break free from your routine!

Feel your way!

In Drifted, your phone's GPS is used to locate you in the city -thing is, we've got no idea where the herd is. You can't see them (boo!), but you can periodically feel where they are as your phone vibrates. (Kind of like a vibration version of Marco-Polo) That means your eyes and ears are free to take in the world around you as you navigate!



Stay on your toes and move unpredictably. Berry's creatures are quite the challenge.
Good luck, Vagabonds!