Ascent VR

View the Trailer for Ascent VR in the video above.

β€œThe mountains are calling, and I must go.”
- John Muir

Ascent VR is a contemplative climbing experience in virtual reality which, like a vertical zen garden, is a meditation on physicality, journeys, and the space around you. Developed in collaboration with my peers at Harvard, MIT, and the Berklee College of Music, Ascent VR is a brief morsel of virtuo-physical exploration. A snippet of serenity in cyber space. A virtual haiku.

Daniel Dangond - Programming + Interactivity
Nicolas Oueijan - 3D + Environment
Luis Zanforlin - Music + Sound
Zhi Zheng - Additional Help

Ascent VR was a student project for 2.S972 - Virtual Reality, Sound, and Cinema at MIT, Fall of 2018.

A special Thank You to:
Ken Zolot and Yao Wang for their guidance and support.