My name is Nicolas Oueijan and I make things! I have managed to design my way through video games, architecture, programming, skateboards, 3D Printers, furniture, VR, installations, bronze casting, material systems, and everything from cosplay to construction. I am currently working towards my Masters of Design Studies in Technology from the Harvard Graduate School of Design where I am investigating the positive potential of video games and virtual spaces to reshape the physical world. I also carry with me a BArch from the University of Southern California (USC), where I honed in my abilities as an architect and designer. I have always believed in the power of making and I have always believed in fun. Innovation, interdisciplinary work, play, games, and human-conscious projects are where it's at for me.

I have no plans to slow down or stop making - as those who know me will attest, when I'm not making something I am probably making something else.

Go ahead and talk to me! I talk back.